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JESSICA - Treat your vehicle with us

High-performance lubricants from Jessica Oil Company are based on the “Germany formula”. Whether lubricants for industry or the automotive sector. they are developed and produced at our in-house laboratory.

Commercial vehicles, gears, engines, or turbines are operated globally with Jessica lubricating oils, lubricating greases, pastes, or sprays, and their use is supported by our on-site experts. Convince yourself of our quality and expertise as an experienced oil manufacturer.

We are suppliers of lubricating oils and greases of all brands like HP, BPCL, HPCL, IOCL, IOC, Shell, Castrol, Gulf Oil, Balmer Lawrie, and Power Oil.
We supply only genuine quality seal pack products.

Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil, sometimes simply called lubricant/lube, is a class of oils used to reduce the friction, heat, and wear between mechanical components that are in contact with each other. Lubricating oil is used in motorized vehicles, which is known specifically as motor oil and transmission fluid.

There are two basic categories of lubricating oil: mineral and synthetic. 

Mineral oils

Mineral oils are lubricating oils refined from naturally occurring crude oil. Synthetic oils are lubricating oils that are manufactured. Mineral lubricating oils are currently the most commonly used type because of the low cost of extracting the oils from crude oil. Additionally, mineral oils can be manufactured to have a varying viscosity, therefore making them useful in a wide range of applications.

Synthetic oils

Lubricating oils of different viscosities can be blended together, and it is this ability to blend them that makes some oils so useful. For example, common motor oil is generally a blend of low viscosity oil to allow for easy starting at cool temperatures and a high viscosity oil for better performance at normal running temperatures.